West-MEC Alliance

About the Alliance

The West-MEC Alliance is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that strives to support the growth of a young generation into successful and empowered individuals that will benefit communities valley-wide. Started with the sole purpose of improving a student’s chance of success in his or her navigation through the Arizona education system, we have grown to be an integral part in Western Maricopa County in providing financial and scholastic help to young students.


By partnering with the business sector, we have managed to obtain donations for a variety of programs at West-MEC campuses. Both business and industry support the programs at West-MEC and the Alliance is there to make sure that student’s succeed without the hindrance and burdens of their financial situation.

By providing scholarships, industry credentials, uniforms, and overall general support for all West-MEC activities, the Alliance is there to help.


West-MEC Deer Valley Campus


West-MEC Aviation Campus


Remember that the West-MEC Alliance DOES NOT participate in political campaigns, lobbying, or provides support for any political candidate. Our focus is directed primarily at the students!

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